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At USDS, we work on complex, enterprise systems that typically consist of a public facing web app where folks apply for and manage their benefits. Internally, we build systems that help the government manage these benefits.

I have led design teams at FEMA, USCIS, and the Small Business Administration. On each project, I wear many hats - researcher, product designer, bureaucracy hacker, teacher. I spend most of my time implementing design process so teams have the space to research and understand the people they are serving, and as a result, can build better products faster.


2016 - 2018


Depending on the project, I spend my time influencing stakeholders, facilitating workshops, mentoring contractors, creating communications and launch plans, and hiring designers. I also do the hands-on work of researching and designing web tools.  


There are a few principles I follow on each project.

  • Make the research meaningful - most of the stakeholders we work with have never done user research or witnessed its impact. I find that by measuring impact, whether it is how many users can perform a simple task online or how many jobs are created as a result of our service, stakeholders begin to buy-in to the research process.

  • Empower the team - at USDS, we cycle through projects relatively quickly, and federal employees and contractors continue the work when we are gone. I spend my time clearing blockers and trying to empower these teams. I help them set up sustainable design practices and a realistic research cadence. I hire new teams and influence design contracts to ensure that the right talent is set up to do the job.

  • Re-use as much as possible - similar problems exist across the government, by working with colleagues across agencies, we can reduce duplicative work and design a more consistent experience for the public.

  • Focus on accessibility from the outset - too many teams rely on only the most basic accessibility testing, or avoid it entirely. It is the government's responsibility to serve all citizens, regardless of their abilities. I work with my teams to ensure users of all abilities can use our software.


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